SJIS Archive

Volume 32 (2020), No. 2

An Affordance Apparatus for Enterprise Social Media

Osama Mansour, Ahmad Ghazawneh and Linda Askenäs

Invisible Work Pre- and Post-Digitalisation
Jostein Engesmo and Niki Pantelli

Digital Business Strategies for Incumbent Firms

Bendik Bygstad, Jon Iden and Andreas Ulfsten

IRIS Conference Health Check

Samuli Pekkola, Lise Tordrup, Elena Parmiggiani and Erik Borglund

Special issue editorial: Rejuvenating Enterprise Systems

Ahmed Elragal, Moutaz Haddara and Eli Hustad

A Framework for Intelligent Collaborative Enterprise Systems (Part 1) (Part 2)

Bhuvan Unhelkar and Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen Bechina

Critical Success Factors for ERP Consultancies

Bjørn Jæger, Sophie Anna Bruckenberger and Alok Mishra

Towards a Process Theory of IS Business Value Co-creation

Tom Roar Eikebrokk and Dag Håkon Olsen

Tracing the Clouds

Siarhei Yasiukovich and Moutaz Haddara

ERP System as an Enabler for Bottom up Innovations

Amgad Badewi, Taghreed Abu Salim, Lilas As Asfahani and Doaa Abdel-Fattah Shehata