Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems

Special issue call for papers:

Smart Cities, Regions and Societies – a Scandinavian perspective and beyond?

Special issue CfP (PDF)


Special Issue Editors

Malin Granath

Ulf Melin

Karin Axelsson


The development of smart cities, regions and societies gain increased visibility both in research and practice. As an emerging practice and research field it is quite wide and explorative. We can apply several perspectives and layers on a smart area, but a common ground contains phenomena like efficient use of assets and resources to improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of those who live, work, or travel within the city. Management and control of data and infrastructures are also important together with stakeholders, citizen participation. The word smart serves as an umbrella concept for different digital artefacts such as sensors, networks, Artificial Intelligence, and different applications of Internet-of-things. Connectivity and interconnectedness are other themes in the smart city research and practice, that raise several questions from an information systems (IS) perspective.


The purpose of this call is to invite IS researchers to elaborate on the smart city phenomenon from a range of different perspectives in order to show the different dimensions of the phenomenon, but also to stimulate research trying to frame the area more thoroughly and reflect upon the emerging empirical phenomena and different empirical applications of a smart city. There is also room for a discussion on the conceptual and contextual dimensions of a smart city, how does context matter? How can we develop and elaborate on a Scandinavian perspective on smart cities? How do we address participation and involvement in a smart city context? Explore critical studies of smart cities and investigate the dark sides of a smart city? How do we handle dimensions of integrity, privacy and security as well as ethical issues within the smart city domain, and at the same time keep a proactive use of digitalization? Are there any preferred sets of values that are realized in the practice of smart cities today?


Topics include, but are not limited to:

        Smart cities, regions and societies – exploring a Scandinavian perspective

        Critical studies on the “dark” sides of smart societies, cities and regions

        Governance of smart cities, smart regions (focal areas, examples, current practices, cases, potential pitfalls, elements, prerequisites, critical success factors)

        The role of partnerships in development of smart societies, smart cities, smart regions (triple/quadruple helix, public-private partnerships, citizen participation, stakeholders and stakes)

        Smart societies and different value positions – where are we heading?

        Innovation and creativity in smart society development in a Scandinavian context

        Smart devices and their novel use in smart cities, smart regions (e.g. technology-facilitated payment systems, identification systems, etc.)

        The role and use of open data in smart city initiatives, in a smart society

        The role of digitalization in the development of sustainable smart societies, smart cities and smart regions

        Integrity and ethical aspects within a smart city context

        Smart cities in the context of the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development – the role of digitalization

        Development and infrastructures in smart societies, smart cities, smart regions (smart grids, Internet of Things, transportation, education, governance, environment, health care, safety, security, and energy)

        Data analytics in/for smart cities and smart regions (large scale/big data analytics, urban data analytics - trace analysis and mining, predictive data analytics)



·       Call for papers – August 2019

·       Deadline – 15 Dec, 2019

·       Reviews – 15 Feb, 2020

·       Second round – reviews – 15 April, 2020

·       Formatted final version, November 2020

·       Planned publication SJIS vol. 32(2), December 2020


Potential reviewers…

Helena Holmström-Olsson, MU

Jan Ljungberg, GU

Cecilia Katzeff, KTH

Katarina Lindblad Gidlund, MiUN

Jonas Sjöström, UU

Oystein Saebo, UiA

Carsten Sörensen, LSE

Jeremy Rose, HiS

Darcy Parks, LiU