Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems

Aims and Scope

The first issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS) was published in 1989, making it one of the longest running European journals within the area of Information Systems. SJIS is the journal of the IRIS Association (Information Systems Research in Scandinavia), which is the Scandinavian chapter of the Association for Information Systems.

The journal publishes research on development and use of information systems, and related organizational and societal issues. Research published in SJIS typically draws on the Scandinavian research traditions, emphasizing engagement with the field. As this line of research is not confined by geographical boundaries, the term "Scandinavian" in the title of the journal should be interpreted metaphorically rather than literally. Indeed, SJIS frequently publishes articles by researchers residing outside the Scandinavian countries. Theoretical and methodological pluralism is welcomed by the journal.

The journal publishes two issues per year, comprising regular research papers, debate forums, and special issues. All papers are available in the free SJIS archive.

The debate forum consists of an invited debate essay authored by one or more senior scholars, and a number of invited response papers from key researchers within the focused area. As an example, the debate forum in issue 28(2) focused on the smart machine.

The special issues are edited by a team of guest editors based on submission of a special issue proposal to the coordinating editor (see submission guidelines). The special issues cover important and timely topics within the scope of the journal. Examples of recent SJIS special issues include:

  • Distributed participatory design
  • Genre theory in IS
  • Development and use of web-based information systems
  • Scandinavian Researcher Career Retrospectives
Current special issue call for papers: Rejuvenating Enterprise Systems
ISSN 0905-0167 (until Vol. 27, issue 1 (2015)) eISSN 1901-0990